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Milesight 4G Solar-powered Traffic Sensing Camera releases you from wires for ANPR solutions. It is designed to capture vehicle details, making it an easy way to integrate with any third-party ANPR platform for community, law enforcement and police use, even in remote and isolated locations.

Naturally Solved Your Battery Issue

Solar-powerd for Sustainable Use

Let sunshine be your best charger, solar-powered camera can cycle charging to achieve unlimited use with a large capacity battery which can last several days even in rainy days.

Low Consumption, High Efficiency

Normally the camera enters a low-power operation state to conserve energy, the quick start mechanism makes it to respond quickly when a vehicle approaches.

Portable to
Go Anywhere

Breakthrough the dilemma of troublesome cable, Milesight uses 4G LTE & Solar-powered to enable our camera easy to carry & monitor any area even in remote and isolated locations.

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