Starlight Network Cameras

0.001Lux (color) · 1/1.8″ Sensor · 3D DNR

Starlight Premium Technology

Milesight equips its network cameras with Starlight Premium Technology. In very low light, while other cameras may switch to IR mode and black-and-white image, the Starlight Premium Series keeps delivering color video. With the support of image processing algorithms, the output of the starlight cameras has superior quality. The powerful Starlight Premium Technology allows the network cameras to provide reliable round-the-clock surveillance regardless of lighting conditions.

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Key Features of Starlight Premium


Milesight’s Starlight Premium Technology is a combination of high-quality optical components and advanced image processing algorithms. With the Starlight Premium Technology, Milesight cameras are able to capture full-color images in extremely low-light conditions reaching 0.001Lux without extra light supplement.

1/1.8'' Sensor

The image sensor is one of the most significant components of a camera. Milesight applies Sony’s very light-sensitive 1/1.8” sensor whose capacity is approximately twice than that of the conventional ones. The big sensor vastly improves the utilization of the light. It is ideal for capturing saturated and sharp images even in pitch dark environment.

3D Digital Noise Reduction

Shooting the low-light image causes more digital noises, thus 3D Digital Noise Reduction technology is embedded in the starlight cameras to process the image. By comparing with some previous frames, the digital noises will be filtered and colors will be recovered. The image produced will be clarified with authentic features.

Advantages of Starlight Premium

More Details in Darkness

The powerful components and algorithms capture more details in the dim conditions with balanced brightness.

True Color

Unlike black and white image, color information enables the effective and precise identification of people, vehicles and incidents.

Reliable Safeguard

With details that can hardly be seen by human bare eyes, the Starlight Premium makes the network cameras the reliable safeguard of the city.

Demo Video

Click the demo videos to check the video quality of Starlight Premium series.

Time-lapse snaps to show the superior performance of Starlight Premium in different periods

Test Report

Click the test reports to check how the Starlight Premium cameras perform in different lighting conditions.

Milesight MS-C2973-PB and MS-C3377-PNA Image Quality Comparison

Milesight Image Quality Comparison