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Simplify Video Management
Enhance Your Security

Make Video Management Simpler

To build a robust security solution, Video Management Software (VMS) is one of the most important parts which determines your monitoring efficiency and effectiveness. Managing with a software that is high-performing and easy-to-use guarantees a great user experience and enhanced security.

Developed in advanced Client/Server architecture, Milesight VMS Enterprise is a powerful and intelligent video management software for medium to large projects. Being an open platform and perfectly compatible with Milesight products and ONVIF compliant devices, Milesight VMS Enterprise provides the ideal integrated solution with satisfying core functions including Live View, Playback, Export, VCA, ANPR, E-Map and Video Wall, etc.

Go Far with Video Management

Robust System Boosts Your Video Management

Creatively adopt the C/S architecture to achieve highly flexible medium and large size projects.

Super Easy to View Live Video

User-friendly interface, video wall, hassle-free control of PTZ and Fisheye models realize the easiest operations.

Playback the Videos in the Way You Want

Quickly get the desired videos and evidence footage with various playback modes and smart search.

One-click to Export Video File

Fast search and retrieve the files by video/tag/lock easily. Also support various export formats including EXE for the best offline playback experience.

Freely Customize the Events and Alarm Actions

Multiple event rules and linkage alarm actions can be set easily for efficient monitoring.

Get the Whole View via Intuitive E-Map

Offer a complete visual overview of the devices locations.

Comprehensive Settings for Easier Management

Provide detailed settings for client, server and system.

VMS + ANPR Integration

Taking the advantage of years R&D experience on security products, Milesight is capable of providing comprehensive and highly-integrated security solutions with front-end devices and back-end management software. Milesight VMS Enterprise can work well with Milesight LPR cameras to get recognized license plates, detected speed and achieve advanced functions for gate control or traffic monitoring solutions.

  • Enabled with Server-based ANPR, achieving an ANPR Solution with non-ANPR Cameras
  • Receive data from Radar AI LPR Cameras, realizing road speed solutions
  • Use smart search to get accurate results in a second
  • Customize the actions triggered by ANPR with Black/White list
  • Specific ANPR interface with user-friendly design

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