A Smarter Way to Manage Parking Lot

With more and more cars in cities and towns today, the demand for parking continues to grow significantly. Saving drivers’ time on parking and saving parking lot owners’ costs on managing can be the top concern for a parking solution.

Now, Milesight is introducing a new power of AIoT to provide a new and smarter way to do parking management. The Milesight AIoT Indoor Parking Management Suite creatively combines AI Deep Learning, On-edge LPR, LoRa and dual-ultrasonic technologies to help optimize the parking process and management more efficiently.

Best Quality AI LPR Camera for Entrance & Exit

Capture and read the plates accurately when vehicle approaches and further cope with access control system for barrier opening automatically.

LoRaWAN Sensor for Occupancy Detection

Detect whether the parking space is free or occupied with Dual Ultrasonic Sensor and the status will soon be well transmitted to Milesight gateway.

LoRaWAN Gateway for Data Transmission

Receive and forward the status data to your parking system and Milesight IoT Cloud. Adopting both gateways will achieve the most cost-effective network reach, as UG65 Gateway can cover a large area and Mini UG63 Gateway can fill the blind spot.

A Number of Reasons to Choose Milesight Solution

  • Accurate On-edge ANPR

    Designed for demanding LPR applications, Milesight professional LPR camera can recognize the plates rapidly and precisely as vehicle approaches the gate with the dedicated and embedded AI LPR algorithms.

  • Easy Deployment

    The solution can ensure the most simplified deployment and least installation labor. Thanks to the LoRa-enabled technology, you’ll never bother to wire the network cable for sensors, as the devices communicate wirelessly.

  • Long Battery Life by Lower Power Consuming

    LoRa technology enjoys a lower power consuming that allows LoRaWAN sensors and gateways to operate steadily with longer battery life, greatly saving maintenance costs.

  • More Affordable with Low Per-unit Cost

    Milesight LoRaWAN® based solution is easy to get started and more affordable because of the low per-unit cost, fitting for more use cases that would like to have parking management solution at lower costs.

  • Flexible and Expandable

    Integrating our flexible solution into your existing parking system is much easier than you think. And Milesight in-house solution is easy to expand and customize to suit your exclusive needs with open APIs and versatile protocols.

  • Environmental-friendly

    With so many cutting-edge technologies combined, our greener solution optimizes the parking process which reduces air pollution, CO2 emission and fuel consumption. Thus a more effective as well as environmental-friendly parking facility can be created.

An Enjoyable Parking Experience with AIoT

Embedded AI LPR Algorithms beyond Plate Recognition

Supplement Light for LPR Cameras Provides Better Image Quality

Wiegand Protocol Supported for Access Control System Compatibility

  • Recognize vehicles, plates and read characters correctly
  • Vehicle attributes recognition such as vehicle type, brand, color and plate color to grow your parking business
  • White LED or IR LED supplement light integrated
  • 24/7 plate and vehicle recognition in the best quality for gate control
  • Easily integrate with your existing access control system via Wiegand protocol

What are LoRa and LoRaWAN

How is LoRa Technology Helping Indoor Parking Management?

Dual Ultrasonic Detection LoRaWAN

  • LoRa is a new wireless technology designed specifically for long-range, low-power communications
  • LoRaWAN is the protocol built on top of the LoRa modulation, designed to wirelessly connect battery-operated ‘things’ to the internet
  • Occupancy data is transmitted effectively in the open parking lots
  • Guarantee the least installation and operation costs thanks to the wireless and low power features
  • Measurement range from 3cm to 450cm with an ultra-short blind spot
  • Provide high-precision parking space occupancy status for parking management systems

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