Smart Crowd Management Solution

It is imperative, now more than ever, to focus on everyone’s safety and health. During this challenging time, Milesight is offering a series of crowd management solution to facilitate epidemic prediction in all walks of life, and accelerate economic recovery.

Integrated Surveillance Solution

We integrate front-end network cameras and back-end central management system for crowd control.

*Applicable to most of Milesight network cameras.

Solution Features

Real-time Occupancy

  • People counting, detect the number of people enter and exit in high-density areas
  • Occupancy dashboard, display the number of people in a facility to indicate occupancy limits
  • Highly accuracy, filter out misinformation that enters or leaves a certain area many times
  • Timely inform control measures around single or multiple entrances

Central Management System

Milesight CMS (Central Management System) can:

    • Manage loads of data from multiple network cameras simultaneously
    • Provide real-time and historical statistics reports from any device and location
    • Daily, weekly, and monthly reports generation

Alarm Management

When occupancy limits are breached, an audio alarm can be triggered if anyone attempts to enter before the numbers go below that threshold.


Staff Optimization

The management can effectively allocate staff based on hourly visits or peak hours, which will create value for the business in terms of revenue, profits and efficiency. Frontline employees do not need to count people manually in different entry and exit points, which prevents employee from physical contact.

Big Data, Big Value

With intelligent video analysis, statistic report presents visitor journey data and analytics in a meaningful way – allowing managers to integrate findings into their organizations’ strategic plans as well as their marketing, sales, operations and staff management.

ZERO Hardware Cost

Without replacing any of your hardware devices, you can upgrade to the latest version online for both Milesight’s camera and central management system.

Application Scenarios






Parking Lot


City Surveillance