VoIP (Voice over IP) solution enables users to combine VoIP telephony system with their SIP network cameras to create a secure, affordable and easy-to-manage solution. Network cameras with SIP protocol have the advantage of integrating with VoIP solution. The Milesight Network Cameras with SIP can be integrated with VoIP systems to build more efficient and convenient security solutions such as receiving alarm push notifications and then checking the live view from network cameras via mobile applications, or watching what is happening in front of the network camera through VoIP telephone.

Check Event-triggered Alarm at Real-time

Network cameras can send an email with a still image to alert users that an event has been triggered, but a still image is not enough to describe what is happening at real-time. Thanks to the SIP protocol, Milesight Network Cameras are able to make a call and transmit the live-view as well as real-time sound to the user’s VoIP telephone once an event is triggered, which is much more beneficial than sending an e-mail.

Enable Monitoring Anytime and Anywhere

Today, SIP compatible devices are everywhere and the application is limitless. Users can simply dial the IP address of Milesight Network Cameras which integrated with SIP devices to see and hear what is happening whenever and wherever. With the support of SIP, Milesight Network Cameras could integrate with various VoIP telephony systems to build different ranges of solutions. Apart from watching the surveillance live view, users are even able to talk to whoever caused the event or triggered the alarm via build-in speaker or external speaker of Milesight Network Cameras.