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With the advancement of modernization, the present era has witnessed a huge growth in vehicle ownership, particularly in urban areas. Thus, an intelligent outdoor parking solution is essential to provide a better life quality in urban areas as well as plays an important role in the development of smart cities.

In terms of this, Milesight offers an intelligent camera-based AI outdoor parking management solution that tailors the market to ease the facing problems, like the inefficient and costly parking management system for large car parks and difficulties in finding parking spaces for drivers, driving better parking mobility.

For Operators:

  • Low-efficiency management of large car park
  • Poor utilization of parking spaces
  • Unreliable and costly parking management system
  • Losing client loyalty

For Operators:

  • Waste of time in finding parking spaces
  • More fuel consumption and CO2 emission during parking spaces seeking
  • A frustrated parking experience caused by traffic congestion

Level Up Parking Experience with Milesight Solution

Boost Outdoor Parking Management with Milesight Innovations

AI Outdoor Parking Management Pro Bullet Plus Camera

  • AI-powered Parking Space Detection Algorithms
  • >98% Recognition Rate
  • 4K Ultra High Resolution Image Capture
  • Parking Image Enhancement Technology
  • 1/1.8” STARVIS 2 Sensor for Better Night View
  • 3.6~10mm Motorized Lens
  • IP67&IK10
  • Extensive 3rd Party Compatibility

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