What is Milesight

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Why Milesight Color+?

Video security cameras must always retain image clarity and capture details 24 hours a day, in all weather and under any conditions. Cameras with low-light imaging technology, which can capture high-definition, full-color photographs at night and in complete darkness, are the priority for Milesight Color+ camera

Tell the True Story

  • 2/5/8MP Wider Range for Ultra-high Resolution
  • Draw Real Image 2.2 Times More than Normal

Deliver Nature and Sensitive Emotion

  • Colorful Image Performance
  • 30m Illumination Distance

Always Notice Something Important

  • Standard VCA Functions
  • Human & Vehicle Recognize
  • Alarm Triggering

Ensure safety at All Times

  • 0.001 Lux Low-light Imaging Technology
  • IP67 & IK10 

Application Scenarios

Outdoor Spaces

Milesight Color+ camera is suitable for the situation where light is rarely uniform, especially villa areas, streets and parks, ensuring the human and property security.

Parking Lot at Night

Providing bright and clear monitoring images while reducing the light interference for the scenarios, and also AI technology is empowered to trigger alarm of the event


Easy-to-install camera with built-in lighting and AI functions perfectly matches the surveillance requirements for small business, reducing the cost of surveillance system setup.

Lighten-up the World Now!

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