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What points should One consider before installing a CCTV camera at work?

Surveillance at work is essential to prevent the loss of confidential data and valuable assets. Installation of CCTV cameras has become common in almost every store and corporate entity. The reason is apparent: promotion of safety. It is good to install surveillance cameras in your office and home. But you need to consider a few points before purchasing a reliable entity that is well-reputed for handling CCTV camera in Kuwait.

  • Coverage
  • Types
  • Locations
  • Compliance and declaration
  • Permissions


You must review and asses the requirement of surveillance for specific areas. Some locations are used for storing high-quality machinery and essential documents. At the same time, other places are less critical and private, like washrooms. The former spaces need protection and regular observation, while the latter doesn’t require surveillance. If you are confused about the installation areas, contact the professionals at the CCTV cameras company, they will do the work for you.


There is a wide variety of cameras available in the market. Most business owners prefer wireless products to eliminate stress related to handling cables. Also, they are user-friendly without complex instructions. The basic model of CCTV can only focus on one area. Dome cameras help cover the nooks and crannies at a 360-degree angle. Try to analyze the type of surveillance needed for your office and pick an appropriate camera accordingly.


As mentioned earlier, you must focus on covering a sensitive area first. Intruders are becoming smarter daily, which means they are learning to dodge security coverage with outdoor cameras. This is why ensure to buy a low-light dome camera for observing the indoors. This will help you protect the company’s valuables from criminals or at least reveal the criminals to take appropriate actions.

Compliance and declaration:

Whether you want to believe it or not, there is a law that states that you are supposed to inform about surveillance systems to your employees. Negligence to do so can attract legal consequences. It would help if you verbally communicated that their actions are being monitored. Also, as mentioned earlier, you must have the right to fix CCTV cameras inside restrooms. It is strictly prohibited.


It is essential to reach out to relevant authorities and seek permission to install CCTV cameras. This step lets them know about the security system in the office and helps you create a good impression. It may not be an obligation to ask for approval, but it will help your professional career. If your surveillance system covers a part of your neighborhood, ensure to inform the same to your neighbors and take action as per their response. If they reject your proposal, change the direction of the security system.

Bottom line

From the above, it is evident that an employer must consider the above points before availing of the services from a surveillance company. It is best to find a reliable entity like the one considered the best organization to deal with installations related to CCTV camera in Kuwait.