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Main Streets of Zarqa


Zarqa, Jordan

Industry Segment:

City Surveillance

CCTVMEA Partner:

SOLTEK-Solution Technology


CCTVMEA provides Pro Bullet Network Cameras and Speed Dome Network Cameras to safeguard the safety of Zarqa City, Jordan. With the superior image quality delivered by CCTVMEA Network Cameras even in the low-light conditions and the robust performance under challenging outdoor environments, CCTVMEA’s Network Video Surveillance System works well and steadily to meet requirements of the city surveillance in Zarqa.


Located in the Zarqa River basin in northeast Jordan, situated 15 miles northeast of Amman (the capital of Jordan), Zarqa is the third biggest Jordanian City and has the third largest residential population of 1.365 million. For an increased responsibility to keep more secure and peaceful life in Zarqa, one of the Jordan Public Security Directorate (PSD) purposes was to build a 24 hours reliable security monitoring system on the main roads in Zarqa. In this national project, CCTVMEA’s 24/7 Network Video Surveillance System was honored to be chosen as a protector of Zarqa, basing on the quality, functionality, versatility and compatibility of CCTVMEA’s outstanding products.


To ensure the public security of Zarqa, the constant and uninterrupted monitoring on Zarqa’s main roads is needed. That also means the video surveillance system should be able to provide high image quality against the challenges of strong sunlight in the day and low-illumination environments at night in Zarqa. Besides, all of the cameras are installed in the main streets, while the PSD Control Center locates in Amman. So the key point is that the remote connection should work well to realize the real-time control for distant monitoring.


In this national project, two kinds of CCTVMEA network camera models including Pro Bullet Network Cameras and Speed Dome Network Cameras were selected to meet the requirements in Zarqa City Surveillance. As the members of CCTVMEA’s Starlight Premium Lineup, CCTVMEA cameras with the all-round capabilities impressed Zarqa deeply this time.

Superior Image Clarity

CCTVMEA’s sensor-based 140dB Super WDR technology allows cameras to record greater scene details even under the strong sunlight conditions of Zarqa’s main streets. Speed Dome Network Cameras not only provide clear image monitoring but also made it possible to recognize far distanced objects with powerful 30x optical zoom, which greatly enhanced the public security. The two models employed in this project feature minimal 0.001Lux(Color) or 0Lux(B/W) starlight visibility, HLC function, P-Iris Control and the Smart IR II technology with IR distance up to 200m. Since the night vision surveillance is highly required in Zarqa City surveillance project, these two models are perfect choices for the night vision needs.

Robust Performance for Outdoor Surveillance

Supporting industry-leading IP67-rated weather proofing and IK10-rated vandal proofing, CCTVMEA Pro Bullet Network Camera is well protected against adverse outdoor impacts to ensure the robust performance. Meanwhile, thanks to Integrated Junction Box which enlarges the space to make cable connection a piece of cake, the installers have saved a lot of efforts when installing all the cameras on poles in Zarqa main streets.

Advanced Technologies Strengthen the City Surveillance

Video viewing, recording and long distance transmitting which have always been the problems for remote monitoring are getting much more easier, efficient and convenient with CCTVMEA H.265+ smart stream technology and remote connection technologies like RTSP/HTTP. With the capability of endless 360° pan, 90° tilt and 30x optical zoom, CCTVMEA Speed Dome Cameras allow people to figure out what has happened on the roads timely, reducing the miss of strange events and promising the minimal loss for public security surveillance.


Integrated an array of CCTVMEA network cameras with Milestone NVRs and VMS System, the easy-to-use surveillance system was successfully up and began operation in Zarqa, Jordan.“The great compatibility with the third-party devices or software that CCTVMEA products enjoy, makes the city surveillance solution more powerful and much easier to manage.“ A PSD engineer who works as a member for this national project said, “The image quality and performance of the system are excellent and satisfy our needs. We’d like to work with CCTVMEA again in the future to explore more opportunities for the further city surveillance needs.”