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CCTVMEA IP video surveillance solutions deliver excellent HD image quality and meet new security challenges. Learn how CCTVMEA products protect the security and safety of different industries such as Banking, Retail, Health Care, Education, etc.

Guarding the Shining Pearl Between Magnificent Saigon

CCTVMEA Comprehensive Surveillance System Assures the Maximum Security for the 1354 Apartments


Sunwah Pearl Binh Thanh Apartment


Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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Intelligent Technology Services Joint Stock Company


At the luxury Sunwah Pearl Binh Thanh Apartment, Vietnam, 364 pcs of CCTVMEA network cameras and 7 pcs of CCTVMEA NVRs are installed in all its public areas to protect safety of residents and employees, creating a safe and comfortable living environment.


Sunwah Pearl Apartment project is located in an excellent position at 90 Nguyen Huu Canh, Ho Chi Minh City. This project is considered a masterpiece of Sunwah Group, represented by the Sunwah brand associated with the image of a precious pearl in the splendid Saigon.


As a high-class apartment in Vietnam, the safety of residents and employees is always the first concern in implementing a residential surveillance solution. Sunwah Pearl has a total of 1354 apartments, so how to minimize damage to the common areas of the building? How to reduce the likelihood of break-ins? How to prevent costly repairs that must be made in the event of vandalism or theft? CCTVMEA surveillance solution has the answer.


CCTVMEA provides a comprehensive solution of video surveillance to secure the apartment. The whole surveillance system is combined with different types of CCTVMEA network cameras and a back-end management system. All devices are deployed across front gate, multiple floors, parking lot as well as management center. Let’s take a tour!

Front Gate -- PTZ Bullet&Speed Dome Camera, No Boundary of Distance

The Sunwah Pearl is covered an area of 19,000 meter square and surrounded by busy traffic and complex location. CCTVMEA PTZ Bullet Camera and Speed Dome Camera are deployed in every direction outside the apartment. These cameras not only offer wide area coverage and all-round monitoring, but also allow the security guards to monitor distant subjects while still maintaining the clarity, delivering high quality video over the entire zoom range. It greatly deters suspicious activities and gives residents peace of mind.

Lobby&Hallway -- Fisheye, Zero Blind Spots

CCTVMEA 360° Panoramic Fisheye Network Camera is installed in both apartment lobby and corner of hallway. It is capable of shooting images with 12MP ultra high resolution and 360° surrounding view. The body design of the fisheye camera is perfectly matched with architectural space, protecting the residents and staff without being noticed.

Parking Lot -- Types of Network Cameras, 24x7 All-around Protection

Parking lot is dim, while the starlight camera delivers high detailed color images even in the low light environments reaching 0.002Lux without any supplementary lighting. Featuring IK10-rated vandal-proof casing, CCTVMEA cameras are able to withstand harsh vandalism, which provides 24×7 protection for vehicles and property of residents. Apart from features that mentioned above, LPR is also applied in CCTVMEA Network Cameras. It effectively detects and captures license plate in real time. Embedded with Black and White list inside the cameras, it takes appropriate action such as generating an alert once the license plate is on the predefined blacklist.

Management Center -- NVR&CMS, 24x7 All-round Protection

A total of 340 cameras are well managed by CCTVMEA 4K Pro NVR 8000 Series. It provides up to 80TB storage capacity. Powerful decoding performance ensures consistent monitoring and recording. N+1 hot spare function prevents data loss from unexpected devices’ errors. Additionally, CMS is a vital software system for building managers to check live view and playback through video wall at any time. If any accidents occur, they can quickly locate the premise and coordinate in response.



CCTVMEA is much more of a super guardian, rather than just a security system. We use the comprehensive solution for the day-to-day management of our operation.” CCTVMEA surveillance solution has won high praise from the board of Sunwah Pearl Apartment.