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Shiroro Power Station is Well Secured by CCTVMEA Surveillance Solution


Shiroro Power Station



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Unotelos LTD


The Shiroro Power Station, a hydroelectric power plant with a long history which has been operating since 1990, searched for updating its surveillance system. CCTVMEA surveillance solution which is advanced and powerful just met the needs and brought a comprehensive security monitoring for the station.


The Shiroro Power Station is a hydroelectric power plant of the Kaduna River in Niger State, Nigeria. It has a power generating capacity of 600 megawatts (800,000 hp), enough to power over 404,000 homes. There are four hydraulic turbines, four generators, gates and hoists, plant auxiliaries including a powerhouse portable water treatment plant, sewage treatment plan, lubricating oil treatment plant, one chlorination plant, two flood control pumps, and reservoir management equipment. All of these should be best secured.


The Shiroro Power Station originally had some analog cameras installed in several areas of the infrastructure. The world of technology changes every day, so that the installed cameras were not compatible with most modern devices, hence the alarm monitoring was no longer exist and video quality was very poor. Also, there was no means of updating the software on all the existing camera hardware mainly, while it needs to physically remove the cameras from their installed locations and login manually. This process is very tedious due to the sheer number of camera locations, causing the neglect in camera firmware updates. Therefore, it is urgent for the station to update its surveillance solution.

Customer Needs

-Replace all analog and outdated equipment which included switches, cameras and NVRs.
– Create a top range control room for alarm and event monitoring.
– Ensure all priority locations are covered by the network cameras.
– Install PoE supported network cameras which are simple and easy to be updated.
– Ensure high image quality of the primary stream.
– Install a smart NVR to monitor, record and playback camera streams including alarm triggered events.
– Allow for seamless interaction with all recorded NVR events.
– Manage the NVR recorded video file sizes by optimizing the streaming protocols.
– Allow for the global stakeholders and head office in Abuja to view all the cameras remotely.
– Devise a way to get camera streams to the control room from areas where cable connectivity is non-existent.
– Allow for a smart system to detect and alarm when employees or guests enter or loiter in restricted areas.


A comprehensive surveillance solution with high availability, performance, scalability and user-friendly managed surveillance service was provided by CCTVMEA, which would integrate with the existing local area network (LAN) and power system. Therefore, CCTVMEA cameras were installed to the poles (with Power) and other locations.

Complete Monitoring Design

CCTVMEA Network Cameras completely joined the monitoring solution and fitted it well. Some of the outdoor network camera units and wireless video bridge would be powered by an outdoor switch. Some of the outdoor locations would have CCTVMEA Vandal-proof Mini Dome Camera and Mini Bullet Camera units connected by a Wireless Video Bridge mesh network infrastructure, consisting of Outdoor Wireless Video Bridge Receivers, Repeater and Transmitters. The wireless video bridges (radios) would bring the camera video feeds to the LAN and to the data/control/viewing center. The existing Fibre Link would be used for the interconnectivity with the wireless bridge mesh network.

Advanced Surveillance Features

CCTVMEA cameras feature with the latest technologies and advance functions such as H.265+, 0.002Lux Starlight, 140dB 3 in 1 Super WDR Pro, etc, ensuring the high image quality. PoE supported design makes CCTVMEA camera easy to use and update. P2P and SIP functions allows real-time and remote monitoring. And VCA function offers 10 kinds of detection mode such as loitering detection to prevent any unexpected actions in the Shiroro Power Station. The H.265 codec and VCA supported in CCTVMEA NVRs also help to save storage and better secure the area.


CCTVMEA surveillance solution provides an advanced monitoring system for the Shiroro Power Station and keeps it safe. “CCTVMEA was able to meet all the requirements and much more. They were particularly excited by the remote access capabilities which required no IT knowledge to set up. Another major reason for choosing CCTVMEA was the quality of the video stream which was far greater than their initial expectation. It was impressed that the file sizes required to monitor 84 cameras installations.” said by our partner Unotelos LTD.