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Crystal Residential


Istanbul, Turkey

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Han Elektronik


120 pcs of CCTVMEA network cameras and 2 pcs of CCTVMEA NVRs were employed in the Crystal Residential in the Istanbul, Turkey. With large area occupied and large number of households, the residential area’s security especially the entrance is of particular importance. CCTVMEA Starlight Premium Series features ultra low light visibility, also the newly released Mini PoE PTZ Bullet Network Camera and H.265 4K NVR efficiently protect the residential.


Located in Istanbul, Turkey, the residential consists of several buildings. With complete infrastructure and high quality living environment, it attracts lots of residents. To create a better living condition through improving the security level, the residential area requires a high quality video surveillance solution with specific features like low light visibility, strong compatibility LPR and PTZ to safeguard it.


The Residential area is a place where uncertain factors should be avoided as far as possible to guarantee the households’ safety. The entrance with a large flow of people and cars is a complex area. The complexity itself, also the lighting condition especially at night and angle of field make the position a vital one in the whole monitoring area. To better manage the cars, a solution with strong compatibility is of great use to achieve LPR functionality. All these facilitated CCTVMEA products chosen by Crystal Residential.


Four different network camera models and one NVR model were selected. The Mini Bullet Network Camera, Pro Bullet Network Camera and Mini PoE PTZ Bullet Network Camera were mainly installed in the entrance, the Vandal-proof Mini Dome Network Camera was mainly applied to interior area like corridors.

PTZ, the Moving Network Camera for All-round Monitoring

Installed in the entrance, the H.265 Mini PoE PTZ Bullet Network Camera with 360° endless pan and 75° tilt provides all-round monitoring. The entrance is an open area where broad field of angle is needed, every corner should be under the control to improve the security level. 12x optical zoom allows the camera to reach farther places. The Pan, Tilt, Zoom functionality together with the special Preset Positions and advanced Smart PTZ Motion Detection flexibly monitor the cars and people getting through the entrance.

Starlight Premium Series, Starts to Light up the Darkness

With ultra low light visibility in minimal lighting condition reaching 0.002lux, the Mini Bullet Network Camera, Vandal-proof Mini Dome Network Camera and Pro Bullet Network Camera run well to offer high quality images even in the low light environment. The entrance and corridors might lack of light especially at night. The sensitivity to the light greatly enhances the ability to catch detailed images. So that, the LPR functionality could be smoothly realized even in poor lighting conditions. The IP67-rated weather-proof housing insures that the network camera could function free from the water and dust damage in all weather condition.

Compatible with the Third Party Software to Realize LPR

License Plate Recognition(LPR) is a technology that uses optical character recognition on images to read vehicle registration plates, which allows to automatically capture the license plate in real time and processed them to produce a textual output for further processing. Compatible with the third party LPR software, the solution could easily recognize the number plate on the image to realize the LPR functionality. So that free-flow of the cars and security of the residential area are guaranteed.


CCTVMEA Network Camera is now working in the Crystal Residential in Turkey. The H.265 Mini Bullet Network Camera and H.265 Vandal-proof Mini Dome Network Camera provide high detailed color image so that no detail is missed in indoor and outdoor areas. A soul to a man is what Pan, Tilt and Zoom to a PTZ Network Camera. The innovative new model offers the all-round monitoring to cover all the entrance area. So that the security level is improved. All the functional network cameras are well managed by NVR to efficiently running the whole solution.