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CCTVMEA Secures Mall of Dilmunia-the Future of Entertainment in Bahrain

Leading Shopping Mall in Bahrain Deploys CCTVMEA Complete Video Surveillance Solution


Mall of Dilmunia


Dilmunia Island, Kingdom of Bahrain

Industry Segment:


CCTVMEA Partner:

Red Fox Systems Wll


CCTVMEA provides a comprehensive IP video surveillance system with intelligence and safety to help safeguard Mall of Dilmunia. The excellent performance of CCTVMEA products as well as the ease of implementation of CCTVMEA system greatly satisfies the mall’s management and meets the high standard requirements.


As a wonderful destination for the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Mall of Dilmunia is a modern mall located in the heart of Dilmunia Island that overlooks Dilmunia Grand Canal. Covering an area of over 125,000 square meters, it’s the first of its kind in Bahrain to be a unique hub of retail, contemporary dining and lively entertainment. Thus, the security of the mall is given to top priority to provide a safe and joyful shopping environment.


Featuring the incredible 17-m-tall Kingdom’s first aquarium, together with the outlets for the best world-class brands, the mall offers a host of entertainment, leisure and retail services. Designed to be a family-centric mall, it attracts thousands of customers coming together in family groups. To guarantee the safety of customers and staff, the mall’s security team needs a full-packed security solution of front-end cameras, back-end NVRs and video managing software. In particular, for the intelligent business analysis, people counting is also required.


“The solution we devised included 321 pcs of CCTVMEA Network Cameras and 10 pcs of CCTVMEA 64-CH Pro NVRs in total. The whole 24/7 monitoring system managed by CCTVMEA CMS now is working effectively.” says the Red Fox Systems WLL project manager, “CCTVMEA solution has helped secure the mall and increased the business operation efficiency.”

Ultra Wide Coverage&Amazing Zoom Capability

Everyone in the security team marveled at the clear image quality offered by CCTVMEA Pro Dome Camera, which is crucial in the recognition and detection of suspicious behavior. To cover the entire open area of the mall, the 360° Panoramic Fisheye Camera and Speed Dome Camera are deployed. Also the impressive zoom capability and flexible PTZ control of CCTVMEA Speed Dome Camera enable the security guard to quickly pick out a face, get a clear image of the magnified logo or tattoo promptly with the easy-to-use system.

Complete Surveillance Solution&Smart People Counting

Bearing the core of a tight product closed-Loop, CCTVMEA Cameras, NVRs and CMS work smoothly to provide a real-time live view for Mall of Dilmunia’s security system. Besides, the smart VCA embedded in all products as standard, especially the people counting technology, empowers the monitoring more intelligent with business analysis function. “The license-free VCA has full 10 advanced detection modes.” says the project manager, “Since CCTVMEA is deepening the compatibility of its products even further, all the configuration becomes fast and easy.”

Trusted Partnership&Professional Service

Through the successful completion of the project, Red Fox Systems WLL has built closer relations with Mall of Dilmunia. “The team of Red Fox Systems WLL is very professional, that they explained all the features of CCTVMEA products and how CCTVMEA system will work in our mall.” says the manager of Mall of Dilmunia, “I feel safe to know that we install the latest and best products for our mall and also I’m glad we chose CCTVMEA at last. Everything is perfect.”


Now the entire mall is being monitored with CCTVMEA system from the control room, where security team can proactively identify security risks. With a robust security capability plus unrivaled performance, quality and functionality, the overall shopping experience has been greatly enhanced to be cozy and reassuring in the Mall of Dilmunia.

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