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CCTVMEA Surveillance System Surveils the Circulation Space of La Caserne

Enjoy a Good Time in a Commercial Complex


La Caserne, bâtiment du 19ème siècle fraîchement rénové


Paris, France

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A surveillance system deploying 39 pcs of CCTVMEA products is built up in La Caserne—the oldest fire station in Paris that is now getting transformed to become the largest ecological transition accelerator dedicated to the fashion and luxury industry in Europe, in order to overall and timely monitor the building and provide the customers with a safe and sound experience.


La Caserne is the renovation of a former fire station, built in 1877, located in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, at 12 rue Philippe de Girard. There are not only shops, photo studios, restaurants, nightclubs, a roof-top, but also about 1,700 square meters of workshops and offices for fashion brands or service companies. The government of Paris, which owns the building, wanted to surveil the circulation space of the building. So the well-operating CCTVMEA surveillance system is deployed to meet the demand.


Not everything was done without a hitch. As everything in the whole building was redone, including the painting, the construction site for video surveillance was not anticipated. CCTVMEA cameras are featured with easy installation and adjustment, which eases the difficult situation. Finally, the installation was carried out within 8 days including the installation of the cameras, the drawing of cables and the setting.


CCTVMEA’s products stand out among various competitive products because of the high quality image and exquisite design. La Caserne is now safeguarded by CCTVMEA surveillance system with 37 pcs CCTVMEA network cameras and 2 pcs of CCTVMEA NVRs, achieving the overall monitoring and central management.

Wide-coverage Monitoring for Outdoor Traffic

With a large field of view, 22 pcs of 180°Panoramic H.265+ Mini Bullet Network Cameras have been installed outside the building, guaranteeing a real-time monitoring of outdoor traffic for not missing any blind spot. Although compact, they offer a panoramic view without distortion or loss of image in 5 Megapixels. In addition, it is able to see up to 15 meters with a complete 180°IR coverage at night thanks to its well-designed infrared LEDs.

Robust Monitoring for Interior Environment

For the interior on the other hand, it is 15 pcs of H.265+ Weather-proof Mini Dome Network Cameras that are used. The chic design makes it easy for the network cameras to well blend in with the interior environment. Plus with the IP67&IK10 capability, the possible threats and risks are erased to ensure the inside security of the building, the customers and the assets.

Cost-effective Integrated Surveillance Solution

For central management and monitoring of all the cameras, 2 pcs of CCTVMEA 4K H.265 PoE NVR 7000 Series are applied. Up to 40TB hard disk capacity for each NVR ensures the continuous recording. 4K high resolution view clearly presents every detail. Being fully integrated, all the settings and functions of CCTVMEA’s cameras are available for configuration on the NVRs.


For La Caserne, the decision to use CCTVMEA’s products is proved to be wise. The excellent performance of the cameras and the integrated management firmly surveil the circulation space of the building and secure the customers. Now the customers are able to enjoy a good time in La Caserne while the staff can provide best service without security worries.