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Pick the Symbol of Happiness in Kasavu Kendra Wedding Centre

CCTVMEA Surveillance Solution Protects Your Wedding Shopping


Kasavu Kendra Wedding Centre


Kozhikode, Kerala, India

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To ensure the safe shopping environment for the new couples-to-be, a surveillance solution with 326 pcs of CCTVMEA network cameras and 13 pcs of CCTVMEA NVRs is deployed in Kasavu Kendra Wedding Centre, providing a free of worry shopping experience.


If you are dreaming of a beautiful Indian wedding, Kasavu Kendra Wedding Centre is certainly the place you won’t miss. Occupying 6000m2, this wedding centre provides the latest and most updated designs of wedding clothes and accessories. You can also find other fashion collections in this marvellous showroom.


As the covering area of Kasavu Kendra Wedding Centre is very large, it is necessary to monitor every corner clearly. The centre is divided into 4 parts: sales counter, common area, godown and parking area. Only if the whole property is under full protection, will the customers experience the best shopping moment.


Among all the competitors, CCTVMEA’s products stand out because of the excellent quality. A surveillance solution with 326 pcs of CCTVMEA network cameras and 13 pcs of CCTVMEA NVRs is deployed in Kasavu Kendra Wedding Centre, achieving the overall monitoring and central management.

Different Models for Different Places

As the centre is divided into sales counter, common area, godown and parking area, different models of CCTVMEA’s network cameras are applied. For those indoor places, the mini dome cameras of different resolutions are installed. With wide angle FoV, these small-size cameras assure the monitoring of every corner. As for the outdoor, besides mini dome and mini bullet cameras, the pro bullet and speed dome cameras are also chosen to safeguard the gateways and parking area. The combination makes the whole surveillance system unbreakable.

Powerful Function for Better Monitoring

CCTVMEA’s network cameras are embedded with several powerful functions, among which the ultra low light is a significant feature. CCTVMEA’s network cameras can clearly record the scene in very low light environment with its authentic details such as the true colors. With this function, even the very dim corners such as the godown and parking area can be seen. 2 pcs of CCTVMEA’s 23X Speed Dome cameras are installed outside. The free pan, tilt and zoom function allows to locate and magnify quickly if any incident occurs.

See Everything in the Monitoring Room

To manage 326 pcs of CCTVMEA’s network cameras, 13 pcs of CCTVMEA NVRs are used in the monitoring room. Each NVR has multiple channels for the cameras to connect. For the PoE NVR, it also achieves plug and play. All the settings and functions of CCTVMEA’s cameras are available for configuration on the NVRs. Sitting in the monitoring room, every detail of the wedding centre is under your nose.


For Kasavu Kendra Wedding Centre, the decision to use CCTVMEA’s products is proved to be wise. The excellent image quality greatly supports the security work of the wedding centre. Now the customers can enjoy their shopping hours while the staff can provide their best service without security worries.