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CCTVMEA Surveillance System Safeguards the Biggest Gas Stations in Thailand


PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company Limited (PTTOR)


Nakhon Pathom, Ayutthaya, Prachuabkirikhan, Thailand

Industry Segment:

Gas Station

CCTVMEA Partner:

Teeya Master Systems Co., Ltd.


108 pcs of CCTVMEA network cameras and 3 pcs of CCTVMEA NVRs were installed in Thailand‘s most famous gas stations of PPTOR. CCTVMEA network cameras with advanced technologies and full-featured NVRs accomplished comprehensive surveillance solutions to secure the whole area of the gas stations including their affiliated retail stores.


PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company Limited (PTTOR) is the flagship company of PPT Group. And as an important business of PPTOR, the gas stations’ safety is paid high attention to. It needs to increase security in the lives and assets of all customers and staff. CCTVMEA high-quality and advanced technology-based products perfectly fit the need.


As a public area, gas station has to meet many people and cars come and go, also amount of oil store at the station. It is a special place which should be taken care of, so that a well functional and high quality surveillance is an urgent need to make sure the safety.


CCTVMEA total solution, both IP cameras & NVRs, were chosen for the gas stations at Nakhon Pathom, Ayutthaya, Prachuabkirikhan. 42 pcs of Motorized Mini Bullet Network Cameras, 42 pcs of Mini Bullet Network Cameras, 24 pcs of Vandal-proof Mini Dome Network Cameras were installed in both the gas stations and its affiliated retail stops. And 3 pcs of 4K H.265 Mini PoE NVR 1000 and 3 pcs of 4K H.265 Pro NVR 7000 were used to manage all the cameras.

Excellent Image Quality

According to actual operation environment, the image quality is what really matters to the monitoring cameras. For example, in the refueling area, it should be clear to see the plate, model and color of cars and the payment process should be viewed legibly too. Other places like oil unloading place are dark with limited light, the low light feature shows its importance. All CCTVMEA Motorized Mini Bullet Cameras, Mini Bullet Cameras and Vandal-proof Mini Dome Cameras feature 140dB Super WDR and up to 0.002Lux Ultra-low Light really meet the need of the lighting environments.

High Technology

Both CCTVMEA network cameras and NVRs own CCTVMEA advanced technologies. The H.265+ Smart Codec helps to save 70%~80% bandwidth and storage when compared with H.264. And the long period recording time also makes the gas stations choose us. Meanwhile, the unique Dual LAN interfaces design of CCTVMEA Pro NVR 7000 is what we beyond other. It has three network working modes including Multi-address, Load Balance and Net Fault-tolerance to face different kinds of situation.


Till now, the famous Gas stations of PTTOR in Nakhon Pathom, Ayutthaya, Prachuabkirikhan are all well protected by CCTVMEA Surveillance System. The gas stations increased their situational awareness, allowing security operators to monitor and protect all the employees and visitors. There will be more and more gas stations of PPTOR around Thailand secured by CCTVMEA Surveillance system in the future, and we are glad to create a safe environment for our Thailand friends.