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No Complicated Lighting Environment Could Cause Any Trouble For CCTVMEA To Secure Eclipse Sky Bar

CCTVMEA formed a comprehensive security solution for famous Eclipse Sky Bar in Cambodia


Eclipse Sky Bar



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According to the extreme complex lighting conditions at night, a famous bar in Cambodia faced troubles to keep customers and their belongings safe. Thanks to CCTVMEA surveillance solution, it all came to an ease.


Named the highest bar in the capital, Eclipse Sky Bar is a hidden gem within Bangkok. Based on top of the Phnom Penh tower on the 23rd floor, there is nothing that beats the views or height of Eclipse! As such a famous bar in Cambodia and many people come and go every day, it is so urgent for Eclipse Sky Bar to see customers in/out and secure their belongs.


The complicated lighting environment is the first and most sophisticated challenge for security camera to catch instinct images. Especially at a bar, the lighting conditions really do troubles. In the mean time, the upscale decoration of the bar requires that its security cameras should fit for its environment.


It’s so hard for Eclipse Sky Bar to find what is suitable for it. While when it first met CCTVMEA products, all the questions found their answers. The extraordinary design and starlight function were really satisfying. Along with easy-to-use CCTVMEA NVR, a whole surveillance solution worked out.

Distinctive Products Design

The concise and streamline design makes CCTVMEA Cameras outshine beyond others. And the offer of black color design just hit the nail, which is greatly merged with bar design.

Excellent Night View

The night of the bar fulls with different kinds of color light. While CCTVMEA cameras are not afraid of it. With 0.002Lux starlight, the cameras are able to see clear images at night. Plus with the different levels of exposure rate, WDR rate and HLC rate, it just needs few steps and is easy to get distinct images.

Easy Management

CCTVMEA inputs our user-friendly logic into the operation UI of the NVR series. The unique and artistic CCTVMEA style and its cosy way to operate an NVR erase the troubles for the bar manager to operate.


Since CCTVMEA surveillance solution was installed, Eclipse Sky Bar has been well protected. Every corners of bar are under monitored. Every stuffs are safely watched. Eclipse Sky Bar securely welcomes its customers come and go. Take your time, go Eclipse Sky Bar, have a drink, enjoy the beautiful scene and relax yourself.

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