4G CCTV Camera

minibullet ccv camera

H.265+ Mini Bullet Network Camera

Tiny yet Powerful 2/5/8MP · 140dB Super WDR · 0.002Lux Ultra Low-light · IP67 · IK10 · 50m IR Distance · 60fps · PoE · Versatile Interfaces

1 cctv camera

H.265+ Vandal-proof Mini Bullet Network Camera

Robust Camera with Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens 2/5/8MP · 140dB WDR · 0.002Lux Ultra Low light · IP67 · IK10 · Smart IR II · 30m IR Distance · 60fps · PoE

Pro Bullet cctv camera

H.265+ Motorized Pro Bullet Network Camera

Designed for the Most Severe Conditions 2/5/8MP · 3 in 1 Super WDR Pro · 0.001Lux Ultra Low-light · IP67 · IK10 · Smart IR II · 60m IR Distance · 120fps · PoE

Want To Get a 4G CCTV Camera? Get From CCTVMEA

The fast-changing world has changed a lot of things around us. It also includes the replacement of traditional wire-based cameras to 4G CCTV wireless cameras. The best setup for a 4g CCTV Camera in Kuwait is available with CCTVMEA. The security cameras send video signals using mobile networks. It is the best deal for the areas that have a strong Wi-Fi connection.

The use of these types of cameras system is great at construction sites, farms, cabins, sheds, warehouses, hotels, etc. It is the latest technology that is becoming very common among people because of its uses. Have a look!

Provides safer mechanism

When there was the use of the wired camera system, they were very easy to hack. Any intruder can enter the place and can deactivate the whole system within seconds. But with the use of the 4G CCTV Camera from CCTVMEA, it is very difficult to hack the whole system because the system is operated through a smartphone. The camera app is protected with a password, so no other person can operate the system apart from the actual user.

Easy installation with CCTVMEA

The person itself can do the setup of the 4G CCTV cameras. The team of the CCTVMEA will guide the person properly. According to the instructions, the person just needs to power the outdoor/ indoor security cameras and insert a sim card in them. Further, the security camera app needs to be downloaded to get access to the cameras.

So, if you wish to get the best 4g security camera in Kuwait, do contact the CCTVMEA team. We provide Onsite-technical support through Maintenance agreements, and also all the preventive services are provided to all the customers in real-time.

Technology is changing quite fast these days, so the security industry has come up with a 4G CCTV camera. The use of this technology has replaced all the wired and traditional security systems. It is a system that uses a strong wifi connection to work efficiently. The 4g CCTV camera in Kuwait is great for use at construction sites, sheds, farms, etc.

The working of the security cameras requires a strong internet connection. It can consume 0.5 GB to 400 GB in a month. The strong internet connection will help in the better working of the cameras, and it will provide all the benefits expected from it. Research the options and get the best 4g security camera in Kuwait.

The 4G CCTV security cameras send video signals and use the mobile networks for their work. These cameras will work best where there is a strong internet connection. This is the latest technology that is becoming very popular among people. Consult the best 4g camera CCTV in Kuwait service providers. 

No, the person needs to connect the 4g CCTV camera setup to the phone that has internet because the security cameras send video signals. These signals can only be received on a phone that has an internet connection. Research about the best service providers and get the best setup of 4g CCTV cameras in Kuwait

No, they cannot. Though 4g CCTV system requires an internet connection to work and send the video signals, yet they need electricity to operate. The inbuilt storage and battery do allow to record for fixed amount of time after the power has gone. Checkout with the service provider while buying 4g CCTV in Kuwait