Pros of Video Safekeeping Systems in The Mining Sector
CCTV in the mining industry

Video surveillance through CCTV cameras is an excellent way to have your belongings secured. Surveillance plays a significant part in today’s world. With someone’s eyes all around through CCTV, the standard of security and a sense of fearlessness has considerably uplifted our society.

There are different types of CCTV cameras suited for different kinds of needs of places or purposes and selecting the right kind of CCTV camera system is vital. Some types of CCTV camera systems with their purposes are listed below:

1) LPR cameras:LPR stands for License Plate Registration cameras. These types of cameras are used to take clear and sharp images of number plates and simultaneously store them. The traffic control department commonly uses these types of cameras to monitor which vehicle has breached any rule. Thereby taking a record of the vehicle’s number plate and storing the data. The authorities can act further.

2) Dome cameras: These CCTV cameras are located on the ceiling of homes or offices. These CCTV camera’s structures comprise of a dark dome which makes it extensively atrocious for the intruder to estimate the direction of CCTV’s lens. These cameras also have infrared night vision and are easy to install.

3) Bullet cameras: These cameras are linear and resemble a cylinder in terms of structure. Their main purpose is to keep an eye on things even located at long distances. These CCTVs are usually installed outdoor, and so they come with a protective casing saving them from rain, hail, dust, etc. These CCTVs too can see at night, and they can be easily fit on a plain surface.

4) Zoom cameras: High-security areas employ these cameras. This camera can move up, down, left, and right, thereby capable of surveying 360°. Categorically CCTVs of these kinds are used for living guarding by security personal. It can see and perceive things at night, high-definition image resolution, and X40 zooming capability.

CCTV benefits in the mining industry:

You might be thinking, what are the advantages of CCTV in the mining industry? CCTV camera systems are quite helpful in different aspects of the mining industry, be it security, safety, profitability, etc. For instance, at midnight, intruders try trespassing into the mining area, and at that very moment, security guards are at a different end of the mines. In this situation, the Zoom camera can easily detect the intrusion. For another instance, if workers go on a deep expedition in search of extraction of metals or whatever and they got stuck somehow, now in mines, there’s no surety of sound reverberating all along. In this case, CCTV cameras installed there with extensive night vision can help in tracking those workers. So, CCTV installation can prove to be quite beneficial in the mines, no matter what is being mined there. The same applies to other production and extraction plant.

So apparently these were some vital reasons to have CCTV system installed in mining sector and industries. Also, the required kind of CCTV needs to be kept in mind according to the need to meet the requirements.

Pros of Video Safekeeping Systems in The Mining Sector

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