Guarding Utilities With Intelligent Video Analytics
Intelligent Video Analytics

Do not judge a book by its cover. We all are aware of this proverb. However, this proverb holds for many industries as well. Before going into the details of the technological advancement in the security of the business utilities, we should know what intelligent video analytics is? Computational technology is one of the most rapidly developing domains around the world. Advancement has created a buzz in this sector by the emergence of artificial intelligence.

The Definition

Intelligence Video Analytics is a wing of artificial intelligence that helps record real-time images, videos, and other footage. It helps to increase the efficiency of the entire surveillance system. It also finds successful applications both in the household and industrial sectors. The recorded video goes through specific analytical software that runs on a web platform with efficient network bandwidth. The recording usually occurs on advanced cloud cameras like IP cameras and, the direct conversion of footage into digital data takes place. It helps to record the real-time images of the moving objects. The science behind its operations is the pixels of the image that helps to develop better image resolution.

Advantages of the Intelligent Video Analytics

Hassle-free Operation- Intelligent video analytics is an important part of the surveillance system. It also forms a hassle-free method of the monitoring system. It is because every minute detail of the footage also gets recorded. The video analytics serve as the all-time surveillance system as it analyses the recorded footage based on the pixels of the image that makes the resolution clear. The data set gets automatically uploaded on the cloud system providing utmost data security.

AI-Based Technology Records Details– The emergence of artificial intelligence has made recording more advanced. This technology allows the proper identification of the human or animal object from the footage. It also helps to have a clear vision of the face. It also helps to identify the gender of the individual in the footage.

Face Recognition Can Solve Many Mysteries– Mysteries get solved by face recognition. It is one of the unique features of the advanced cloud surveillance system. It is possible to identify the exact facial features from the digital image as seen in the footage. It can serve as a prominent piece of information while solving any criminal case. You can find out many details about the people in the footage and find out the suspected criminal.

High-end Monitoring- One of the neglected features of the cloud surveillance system is its remote recording. It can record footage from a remote distance. It is specifically possible when you have a strong network connection.

Using intelligent video analytics is an affordable option. You might think that using the advanced surveillance system can cost you a jaw-dropping amount. However, it is not the case. As there is less equipment associated with the cloud-based security system, the installation charges are minimum. It also gives a long-term service to the users as they store the necessary data directly on the cloud system. You can also retrieve the data and watch live videos from the archive.

Guarding Utilities With Intelligent Video Analytics

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