Common CCTV Installation Errors To Prevent
CCTV or Security cameras

So, you have decided that you are going to install CCTV cameras. Well, it is a very good decision. We expect that you have done your homework, you have found the right vendor and you are all set to embark on this exciting world of CCTV cameras. Hold on a second! You need to know about some of the common installation errors committed by first timers. 

  1. Expecting too much from the CCTV cameras

When you are installing CCTV cameras for the first time you may be tempted to expect a little too much. You would want it to capture every fine detail possible from anywhere you want. You should understand that to make these cameras work as per your expectation you would have to fine-tune the settings and the zooming. 

  1. Expecting there is something called picture enhancement software

You see this a lot of time on the TV. The crime investigation team gathers the footage of the crime scene, enhances the image using software, and boom, you have the suspect. This is not true. No software in the world can add new pixels to your footage. If you want high-quality video, you will have to invest in a high-resolution camera. 

  1. Blocking the IR lights

IR cameras are used to record video in darkness. However, these cameras have their own light, IR light, this light is invisible to the human eye. So when you enter a room with this type of CCTV camera, you would find complete darkness, however, the truth is that the whole room is bright with light that can be seen by the camera only. So you should install these cameras where its IR light is not blocked. 

  1. Positioning the camera casually 

You should position your camera very carefully. A lot of amateurs waste a lot of space in the camera’s field view. You should be damn clear about what you want to capture. If you want to capture the video of the parking slot, make sure the camera does only that; you don’t have to waste the field view by positioning the camera towards the blue sky. 

  1. Skimming on your cables

If your wiring has to cover large distances you will need a lot of cables. This can prove to be expensive. So you may think about skimming your cable because it is not that important; never do that! If your connection is compromised, you will have to deal with even bigger problems in the future which will drain more money. 

  1. Expecting wireless cameras are the one-stop solution

Well, there is nothing bad with wireless cameras, however, if you want to install them everywhere, you have to think again. Wireless cameras often lag in spite of the best Wi-Fi connection. It is better to have a mix of wireless cameras and hard-wired cameras. It would be more fruitful. 

To sum up

Security cameras are very important in today’s world. If you are thinking about installing one, you should not forget these common mistakes committed by amateurs. 

Common CCTV Installation Errors To Prevent

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