Why Are Structured Cabling Systems So Important In This Era?
structured cabling

Increasing digital literacy has become vital for people to catch up with the new cutting-edge technologies. Especially for businesses, it is important to have technologies that are up to date so that they can survive the competition. 

Structured cabling pivots the IT infrastructure and eases the load of wireless network connections. It offers an organized solution by eliminating the uselessly complex wiring connections. It helps in strengthening Wi-Fi networks. It also enhances troubleshooting abilities at the time of a server crash. This saves both time and money.

The name structured cabling might create an apprehension that all of the systems employed here are cable run and dependent. But so is not the case, there actually are 6 different subsystems going through structured cabling.

Subsystems are mentioned as under:

  • Entrance: It is the point where the internet connection wiring comes from outside ends. From here onwards, structured cabling takes charge. With its effective method of arranging even the most complex connections, the wiring becomes really organized and resembles a neat look. When cables are organized properly, and then in the event of a problem the trouble can be diagnosed very easily.
  • Storage facility: This is the place where all the equipment is housed, from big servers to small pen drives. Basically, each network connecting wire from computers goes into a collective server box which interlinks them and provides them with Internet connectivity. This makes the existence of this room very vital for the proper functioning of the IT infrastructure.
  • Backbone: This includes the inter and intra-connection between two different buildings. Connections are present between all the computers in a building. This common connection is known as a LAN which is a Local Area Network. This provides the liberty of remote file sharing to computers that are connected. This also acts as a bridge to establish an internet connection.
  • Horizontal: This form of wiring establishes a connection between telecom chambers to the work area of staff. The work area includes cabins as well as cubicles. Even the CEO has the wire from his computer going to the same room as a newly joined software developer engineer. Horizontal wiring is very crucial because the relay of communication is interrupted at any time.
  • Telecom rooms: These interlink backbone to horizontal. The importance of telecom chambers is immeasurable, especially in an IT company. This is the place where all the communication lines in an office terminate, so it has its name.
  • Work area: This form of wiring establishes connection extensively between horizontal components of wiring and the user’s systems. The wires originating from the systems of the employees further go into places like telecom chambers or server rooms. This is a very important aspect of the IT infrastructure of any such firm.


Structured cabling pivots the IT infrastructure in the same way that a pillar does to a home. With the change in the times now, it is the turn of structured cabling to take the leap. The businesses, too, should reap the complete benefit and use it to stay in the competition.

Why Are Structured Cabling Systems So Important In This Era?

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