Solar Camera

H.265+ Mini Bullet Network Camera

Tiny yet Powerful 2/5/8MP · 140dB Super WDR · 0.002Lux Ultra Low-light · IP67 · IK10 · 50m IR Distance · 60fps · PoE · Versatile Interfaces

H.265+ Vandal-proof Mini Bullet Network Camera

Robust Camera with Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens 2/5/8MP · 140dB WDR · 0.002Lux Ultra Low light · IP67 · IK10 · Smart IR II · 30m IR Distance · 60fps · PoE

H.265+ Motorized Pro Bullet Network Camera

Designed for the Most Severe Conditions 2/5/8MP · 3 in 1 Super WDR Pro · 0.001Lux Ultra Low-light · IP67 · IK10 · Smart IR II · 60m IR Distance · 120fps · PoE

Get The Best Range of Solar Cameras with CCTVMEA

Safety is the priority for every person these days, whether it is to be used at home or the workplace. This is the reason the trend of using different types of camera security systems has increased a lot.

Nowadays, even technology is upgrading itself in camera technology, so CCTVMEA has come up with the best range of Solar Camera in Kuwait.

Each solar camera has a secure voltage input channel that makes it best for the security cameras. Even if one camera gets disabled because of any reason, it won’t be able to disturb the working of the other cameras. Here we look at the benefits of solar cameras of CCTVMEA.

Day and night monitoring services

The solar cameras are powered by rechargeable batteries. This battery keeps on charging during the daytime and utilizes all its energy at night. These cameras have great day and night vision that makes them better than other security cameras.

Provides long lifespan

The use of solar-based security cameras utilizes less than 80% of the energy compared to the other security cameras. Even the maintenance of these cameras does not cost much to the user. So it will sustain in harsh weather conditions.

Controlled from cloud

The solar camera of CCTVMEA is based upon the cloud system. This feature will help in providing the power of connectivity even in remote areas. All the installed cameras can be controlled from a single system by sitting anywhere and anytime.

The use of a Solar Camera System In Kuwait from CCTVMEA will provide many benefits along with great technical support services. All the customers will get instant answers to their queries. We are equipped with a dedicated helpdesk that is available 24*7.

Nowadays the cameras have come up with advanced technology. Solar cameras are one upcoming technology in the security industry. These cameras run on solar energy that provides the facilities of day and night monitoring services and can be controlled from the cloud. Consult the service providers to have better knowledge about solar cameras in Kuwait.

As the name suggests, these cameras work on the power of solar energy. Each camera has a secure voltage input channel that will help in making the camera quality the best. If one camera gets disabled, the working of the other cameras in the system is not disturbed. Get hands-on the best solar-powered cameras in Kuwait for great security results. 

The best solar security cameras in Kuwait are available at CCTVMEA. The person can easily contact their team and can take all the details from them. This is one of the best ways to get all the benefits of this system, i.e., day and night monitoring services, long lifespan, can be easily controlled from clouds, etc.

Yes, solar cameras do need direct sunlight so that they can generate energy for the rest of the time when the sun is not available. It uses 80% less energy in comparison to the other security system that helps the cameras to work even in harsh weather conditions. Look for the best solar camera system in Kuwait and contact different service providers. 

The solar-powered security cameras in Kuwait can last for 2- 4 years depending upon their usage. The major advantage of having the solar-powered cameras is that it utilizes less than 80% of the energy that is far less than the other security cameras. Even there is very minimal maintenance cost that the person needs to bear for it.