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Sunshine, Beach and Vacation Accompanied by CCTVMEA

The Beach of Salobreña Installs CCTVMEA Cameras to Ensure Social Distance and Safety


The Beach of Salobreña


Salobreña, Granada, Andalusia, Spain

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ESCAD Trade s.r.o.

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To keep the social distance of visitors and overall safety of the beach of Salobreña, a surveillance system consisting of 3 pcs of CCTVMEA Speed Dome Camera, 2 pcs of CCTVMEA Mini PTZ Bullet Camera, 1 pc of CCTVMEA Mini NVR, Camibox Wireless Transmission Devices and S.O.S Communicators is set up around the beach.


Covid-19, a severe pandemic suddenly occurs at the beginning of 2020 and sweeps across the world. Being a popular tourist destination, the beach of Salobreña needs to take action to control the social distance of visitors to avoid virus infection.


The beach of Salobreña is a wide open place with visitors moving everywhere. To cover every corner of the beach while presenting clear details, a very powerful PTZ Function is required. Besides, how to set up the surveillance system on the beach without too much damage to the natural view and how to realize real-time warning to keep social distance are the problems to be solved as well.


Based on the situation of the beach of Salobreña, a surveillance system is planned and built up immediately. This system consists of 3 pcs of CCTVMEA Speed Dome Camera, 2 pcs of CCTVMEA Mini PTZ Bullet Camera, 1 pc of CCTVMEA Mini NVR, Camibox Wireless Transmission Devices and S.O.S Communicators. With professional design, this surveillance system realizes central management and real-time alert.

Powerful PTZ Function to See Everything

CCTVMEA PTZ camera series applies powerful PTZ motor to ensure the all-round monitoring. 12X Mini PTZ Bullet Network Camera offers the ability to fast and precisely rotate on a 360° pan and 75° tilt, while for Speed Dome Network Camera is 360° pan and 90° tilt. 5 pcs of cameras spread on the beach, providing the live scenes of every corner to the monitoring center. The preset patrols and patterns of pan, tilt and zoom movements help the monitoring operator to see all the details clearly and take immediate action if any emergency happens.

Creative Combination for Central Management

The surveillance system is a creative combination of CCTVMEA PTZ cameras and Camibox Wireless Transmission Devices. With the assistance of Camibox Wireless Transmission Devices, a wireless network is built up. As the beach is a wide open area, by connecting to the Camibox wireless connectors, CCTVMEA cameras are connected in the wireless network for better management. The monitoring operator can switch all the online cameras. All the live images are collected and transmitted to the monitoring center via the Camibox transmission routes. If visitors start gathering and neglect the social distance, the operator will intervene at once.

Real-time Alert to Guard Your Vacation

S.O.S. communicators with two-way audio transmission are installed to cooperate with the surveillance. With this function, once the monitoring operator finds that people are gathering, he can immediately send the audio alarm to remind them of social distance. Moreover, if the visitors on the beach need help, they can communicate via the S.O.S communicators as well. Adding the audio system greatly enhances the performance of the surveillance during the Covid-19 season, and it will be helpful for general security in the future.


CCTVMEA PTZ cameras and NVR work well in this surveillance system, playing an important role in social distance control during the pandemic. In the future, this system will still help to guard the safety of the beach of Salobreña, providing the visitors a carefree vacation.