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Manav Sehyog School


Jalandar, Punjab, India

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Cohesive Technologies


Manav Sehyog School is a well renowned educational institute in Jalandhar, Punjab, India. As a quality school devoid of commercial greed, its mission is to provide best possible education to future generations at affordable expense. Moreover, it is one of the place in which getting their children studied becomes a status symbol for the parents. Manav Sehyog School is located in lush green and pollution-free surroundings, away from the hub of the city. The scenic beauty of the site enhances the ambience of the school and adds serenity to the atmosphere. The peaceful campus presents a picturesque sight with advanced surveillance system, well-tended lawns and carefully planted trees.


Nowadays, maximizing students` safety is critical to any school. With this in mind, the security team of Manav Sehyog School wanted to upgrade protection for students and staff. Considering the practical situation of Manav Sehyog School, the team was looking for the solution which was able to monitor and simultaneously listen to the voice in each classroom, so that to know what`s going to in the classrooms. In case of emergency calls, the advanced surveillance technology can help the team respond more quickly.


Cohesive Technologies is a global telecom solution provider on VoIP which add value to customers through a combination of different high end technologies for a true convergent solution. Though the school had taken Hikvision, Dahua and some other local brands into account for their competitive price, Cohesive was able to win over the decision-makers thanks to its effective surveillance solution consisting of 60 CCTVMEA cameras filming every classroom and 2 CCTVMEA NVRs to remotely control them.

Taking advantage of the compact design, CCTVMEA IR Mini Dome Network Cameras (MS-C2182-PA) were placed throughout every classroom. The design is surprisingly small yet with versatile functions and perfectly suitable for indoor surveillance. The Mini Dome is developed with easy-installed and 3-axis mechanical design, allowing the customer to quickly adjust the camera`s viewing angel. With built-in Microphone and SIP/VoIP supported, the security team of Manav Sehyog School was able to dial a camera as a SIP extension from his video phone, achieving the purpose of listening to the conversation in the class. Besides, the team can also monitor multiple cameras via the CCTVMEA Video Management System. The solution based on SIP catered to the need of the Manav Sehyog School both in respect of video as well as the audio. The ease of use, integrated microphone, as well as the high image quality made CCTVMEA stand out from rival offerings.

Thanks to CCTVMEA Network Video Recorder MS-N8032-UH, specially designed for flexible and reliable surveillance, all monitoring points within classrooms are managed centrally in the control room. In order to provide a more extensive video display, MS-N8032-UH can be connected with Primary Monitor and Secondary Monitor to show different layouts on each monitor. Moreover, it can support synchronously decoding 4-ch 4K UHD, 8-ch 4MP and 16-ch 1080P network cameras, and synchronously recording up to 32-ch 4MP high resolution cameras. Its high performance empowers users to manage advanced IP surveillance systems with ease.


The Manav Sehyog School is satisfied with its video surveillance protection system, which fully meets the initial goals of securing the students and staff. Advantages of CCTVMEA products over competitive ones include performance, versatility, ease-of-use. The security team of the school especially likes the SIP function and sharp pictures available from CCTVMEA Network Cameras.

The CCTVMEA high-definition surveillance system helps Manav Sehyog School maintain a safe, open environment. It has been made very clear to students that they are being watched, listened and well protected. With student awareness so high, potential issues can be alleviated before they become serious.