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CCTVMEA Video Surveillance Solution Secures Jacksons International Airport

CCTVMEA Solution Contributed to the security of the APEC Papua New Guinea 2018


Jacksons International Airport
– NAC_APEC VIP Terminal


Papua New Guinea

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J-group Holdings Limited

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A whole CCTVMEA solution including professional Network Cameras and Central Management System CMS were applied in APEC VIP Terminal, Jacksons International Airport. As a significant site for the very important persons of the APEC meetings, the terminal’s safety is well guaranteed by CCTVMEA professional and multifunctional products.


APEC Papua New Guinea 2018 was the year-long hosting of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meetings in Papua New Guinea. The National Airports Corporation (NAC) agrees with the principles under the APEC Concept of Operations (CONOPS) and in conjunction with the key points set out regarding the basic Security Strategy requirements identified from the internal risk assessment conducted by NAC and relevant airport stakeholders.


Due to the high requirements for safety, security and monitoring for APEC VIP delegates, Jacksons International Airport’s VIP Terminal was required to provide maximum viewing of the whole area concerned and detailed images for clearly knowing about the situations. Further more, an easy-to-use and powerful solution was needed for safeguarding the important VIP terminal. All those resulted in the selection of CCTVMEA products.


Different network camera models cooperating with CCTVMEA CMS formed a strong line of defense to ensure the safety of the VIP terminal. The H.265+ Motorized Pro Bullet Network Cameras and H.265+ PoE Speed Dome Network Cameras were mainly installed in the outdoor environments in the application while the H.265+ Motorized Pro Dome Network Cameras were employed mainly for indoor areas.

5MP High-definition & Quality Images

Catching detailed images with better quality is great helpful for getting the situation monitored. “The network cameras offer quality images even with minimum lighting.” the performance of the network cameras is obvious from the comment of the airport. The 5MP high resolution network cameras became the eyes of the VIP terminal regardless of any complicated lighting condition. No details missed!

Easy-to-use and Powerful Solution

The ease of use is highly praised from installation to use. The convenient installation, the considerable structure design, the specific features like PoE supporting and user-friendly interface all those brought great user experience, making the actual application enjoyable. And with CCTVMEA CMS, the strong solution made the line of defense for VIP terminal an unbreakable one with advanced features like the PTZ, motorized lens, P-Iris, Smart IR II, 140dB Super WDR, 0.001lux starlight visibility, etc.

All-round Monitoring

All the areas are under watching by CCTVMEA network cameras with the specific product portfolio especially the H.265+ PoE Speed Dome Network Cameras. With 360° endless pan, 90° tilt and maximum 30x optical zoom. No blind spot exists. The VIP terminal were a totally safe place under the guarding of CCTVMEA network camera. No potential crisis has a place to go.


The APEC Papua New Guinea 2018 was successfully hold. As the protector of the VIP terminal, Jacksons International Airport, CCTVMEA contributed to the security of the event. And the solution is still working for bringing its value to the airport. The quality image, ease of use, powerful features and all-round monitoring experience beyond the airport’s expectation, and the solution is going to keep devoting itself to bringing reliable safeguard.