Differences Between Indoor And Outdoor CCTV Cameras
Outdoor CCTV Cameras in Kuwait

For full coverage of your property and to equip your house or business with the best security, both indoor and outdoor cameras might be required. But what’s the difference between the two? Continue reading to find out.

  • Weather resistance and endurance

As you can imagine, outdoor and indoor security cameras differ in their ability to withstand different kinds of weather conditions.

As the name suggests, outdoor security cameras are meant for using outdoors. To withstand weather and elements such as rain, snow and extreme heat and cold, outdoor security cameras are usually built to extremely high standards. They are often dustproof to keep dirt, water and other such elements away. They are almost always IP-rated. This indicates that they are waterproof and impact resistant.

Because outdoor security cameras are more vulnerable to theft than indoor cameras, they are often made of metal.

Indoor cameras are indoor-specific. You can enjoy sitting inside, protected against all harm-inflicting elements, and in a generally controlled environment with these cameras installed indoors. They don’t often have the same waterproofing and durability as outdoor security cameras. However, they may be very durable, dustproof, and resistant to damage. Note that they aren’t meant to withstand changing seasons or unpredictable factors like outdoor security cameras. Talking about home security camera price in Kuwait, there might be different ranges for indoor and outdoor cameras.

  • The size of the cameras

Generally, outdoor cameras are larger than indoor security cameras, but this is not necessarily the norm. Their waterproof and durable build makes outdoor cameras more robust and hence larger in size. Indoor cameras are usually designed to blend into the surroundings, unlike outdoor cameras. They are often less prominent and subtly placed so that they don’t become a cause of distraction.

  • Capacity to work in low lighting

The main differences between indoor and outdoor security cameras are not only linked to their build or size. Many of them also differ in their ability to see in dynamic lighting. Outdoor cameras traditionally had a greater dynamic range and low-light capabilities, making them better able to see in challenging lighting conditions.

However, indoor cameras with the same capability are becoming more common as technology improves. They, too, can adapt to more complex lighting.

A camera mounted in a garage, for example, will need a dynamic range to be able to see both the dimming interior and the brighter exterior lighting.

You will see the differences in technology between exterior and interior cameras diminishing over time.

Is it possible to use an outdoor camera indoors and indoor cameras outdoors?

While this will depend on which camera is being used, most indoor cameras won’t be suitable for outdoor use. Indoor cameras simply won’t meet the same standards for waterproofness and durability. While most outdoor cameras can be used indoors, many are too big and heavy to install comfortably inside.

Dominant cameras like PTZ cameras and dome cameras can be used for both purposes. And since there are plenty of options regardless of whether you are looking for an indoor or an outdoor CCTV camera in Kuwait, you will surely find the right option for your needs.

Differences Between Indoor And Outdoor CCTV Cameras

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