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Security is fundamentally important across all walks of life to ensure the overall safety to enhance the work environment and promote reliability among your employees and customers. Although placing them in the key areas of commercial building and premises will significantly reduce theft and crime, it also serves to increase productivity levels of employees. It acts as a useful piece of evidence in times of criminal activity. Our upgraded 3 in 1 Super WDR Pro outputs three frames each line, which is able to bring more details specially to moving subjects. What’s more, it greatly improves image quality for reducing smear and noisy points.

There are departments in an office which are not meant to be accessed by all the staff members. Track the real-time activity from a remote place using our security solutions equipped with VCA embedded as standard, supporting 10 detection modes, which can alert the operator of detected predefined events automatically to strengthen safety management and to minimize damage through prompt response.

We understand the importance of CCTV security in business and help you lower your existing costs while ensuring that our surveillance system stands tall in tough times.

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Security Concerns


Loitering and trespassing in the parking lots can be a gateway to bigger crimes like theft, vandalism, vehicle damage, drug use, etc. We provide CCTV cameras with intelligent video analytics module for real-time alerting in case of loitering in monitored areas. The analytics includes loitering detection along with a number of other modes like object detection, line crossing, enter/exit, route following, stationary or removed object, counting and occupancy, flow monitoring, etc.

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Cctv camera

Employee Productivity

Maintain workforce efficiency and eliminate any onsite antisocial behavior with our wide dynamic range cameras equipped with the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) technology providing a 360° view which allows you to monitor larger areas while minimizing installation.

Security Guard

Traditionally, hiring a security guard was the best option, but it can no longer keep up with the ever-changing digital world and has proven to be expensive and provide minimum coverage. With advanced detection technology and improved response time, CCTV is the best and cost-effective replacement for traditional security measures.

Cctv camera

Benefits of Surveillance Solutions

Quicker response times

With 10 detection modes enabled VCA, our cameras can intelligently filter objects to focus on human and vehicle detection, together with multiple event rules including region entrance, object removed, loitering, etc., and instantly alert the site manager of any abnormal activities.

Easy Installation

Another fantastic benefit of CCTV over many other security measures is that they are easy to install and require next to no maintenance. Once installed you can rely on them to protect your precious assets for years to come. Our products are tailored to match your requirements and seamlessly blend in any environment.

Deters thieves and robbers

CCTVMEA’s technologically advanced cameras, offering VCA (Video Content Analysis) with 10 detection modes, provides real-time alerting in case of abnormal behavior detection in monitored areas. This allows access to the premise to be continuously monitored and can significantly reduce crime.

Boost customer confidence

People go to places where they feel secure and confident. CCTV Surveillance can act as the driving force behind effective marketing and consequently enhances economy. Upgrade safety protocols and moreover improve the quality of surveillance with CCTVMEA.

Insurance savings

It can do more than just keeping your property safe. As risk is major factor in insurance industry, an adequate surveillance system in place will lower the threat of criminal activities and, in turn, help you grab a large discount on insurance policy.

Extensive site coverage

The 360° coverage of panoramic camera and its high-resolution images/videos prove to be a very useful in remote monitoring. Moreover, it eliminates a lot of human efforts, in case of criminal activity, by capturing clear images even if the target is moving.

Thoughts of our Clients

“Structured Cabling is a life saver! The single-core infrastructure alleviated the possibility of everything going haywire in a recent server failure at our firm and helped to effortlessly identify and solve the issue.”

Khalid Amari

“You can rest assured your security in the reliable hands of CCTVMEA, they don’t disappoint. The 360° observation eliminates the need of multiple cameras in the same area and is very cost-efficient.”

Fadil Naser

“CCTVMEA do deliver what they promise. Their 24×7 available helpdesk is one of the reasons which make CCTVMEA a better choice, among others.”

Nasr Farooq

“The performance of video wall system is mind-blowing. Sometimes they operate for multiple days straight and still retain high brightness, good image quality, and requires zero maintenance.”

Amir Burhan

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