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The importance of an appropriate surveillance system for homes and residential area premises cannot be stressed enough. It is designed to help prevent and detect crime.  Studies have found that using CCTV in car parks have resulted in a decrease in crime, even the lowest figure is a significant improvement. Moreover, the CCTV footage can be used to monitor and thwart crimes as well as can be presented as evidence in court. It reassures the public about community safety, promotes economic well-being, and prevents antisocial behavior.

Our AI-based Human Detection algorithm is the best choice for intrusion protection of sensitive areas with its intelligent video analysis module for real-time interpretation and response against unauthorized loitering. The algorithm is well-developed to prevent false alarms. Once the intruder crosses the boundary line, the system instantly sends alert signals to the owner.

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Security Concerns

Criminal Activity

Some of the intruders are bold enough to try and enter the house when you are home while others lurk around and wait for you to leave. Having CCTV installed around and in the house will act as deterrents for the burglars. CCTV allows you to have full access to every nook and crook of your property and also lets you check who is at the door beforehand.

Cctv camera
Cctv camera

Security Guard

Traditionally, hiring a security guard was the best option, but it can no longer keep up with the ever-changing digital world and has proven to be expensive and provide minimum coverage. With advanced detection technology and improved response time, CCTV is the best and cost-effective replacement for traditional security measures.

Safety and Reliability

It is important to know what happens in and around your house when you are away. CCTV helps to remotely monitor and detect suspicious activities and also keeps an eye on the housekeepers to make sure they are acting properly and doing the work they are hired to perform.

Cctv camera

Benefits of Surveillance Solutions

Deters thieves and robbers

CCTVMEA’s technologically advanced cameras, offering VCA (Video Content Analysis) with 10 detection modes, provides real-time alerting in case of abnormal behavior detection in monitored areas. This allows access to the premise to be continuously monitored and can significantly reduce crime.

Act as evidence

An accused person can be identified easily with the help of 4k high resolution CCTV footage and act as a silent witness. With its digital Pan/Tilt/Zoom function enabled, the camera can track moving objects automatically for comprehensive securing.

Prevent trespassing

With 10 detection modes enabled VCA, our cameras can intelligently filter objects to focus on human and vehicle detection, together with multiple event rules including region entrance, object removed, loitering, etc., and instantly alert you of any abnormal activities.


It is a one-time investment with long-term benefits. Ensure to wipe-clean the camera from time to time to receive best performance from your system. With next to zero maintenance, CCTV cameras are the easiest to install and maintain.

24/7 Monitoring

The Wide Dynamic Range technology serves to compensate for problems with exposure to light and quipped with industry leading IP67-rated weather proofing and IK10-rated vandal proofing, the camera is protected against adverse impacts to ensure the robust performance.

Easy Installation

Another fantastic benefit of CCTV over many other security measures is that they are easy to install and require next to no maintenance. Once installed you can rely on them to protect your precious assets for years to come. Our products are tailored to match your requirements and seamlessly blend in any environment.

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