What’s Driving People To Switch To Dome Cameras

Dome Cameras

Dome security cameras are easy to recognize because of their circular, dome-shaped encasing. Dome surveillance cameras are versatile. They can be used in indoor or outdoor settings and provide unparalleled coverage for almost any purpose. Dome security cameras include a vandal-proof dome encasing, IR and a metal base to protect the camera from theft or vandalism. It is ideal for reliable surveillance even in difficult conditions. And that is why more and more people are turning to dome CCTV cameras in Kuwait and elsewhere in the world. Here are some reasons why dome cameras’ popularity is steadily growing with time—

  • They are vandal resistant –

Dome cameras with vandal resistance are the best, especially when they’re installed in places that are highly vulnerable to tampering and vandalism. Dome cameras often have vandal-resistant ratings that indicate how much protection they offer. However, since these surveillance cameras come completely enclosed, it is difficult to remove them once they are installed.

  • They are weather resistant—

Most outdoor dome cameras have been designed to be weatherproof, water-resistant, and, hence, can continue monitoring regardless of the weather. Many outdoor domes also come equipped with temperature gauges and heaters. This allows cameras to work even in extreme temperatures.

  • Minimalistic design

Dome cameras don’t require any additional lenses, which makes them a perfect solution for businesses as well as private properties. A lot of people looking for a dome CCTV camera in Kuwait especially prefer it over other CCTV camera varieties because of its unusual and inconspicuous design.

  • They capture high-quality images

It all depends on the model and make of the dome camera. But most vendors sell dome cameras that have a very high resolution. Modern video security solutions include dome cameras that have a 2048×1536 pixel sensor which can record as much as 50% more detail than 1080p. Other options include 2-6 megapixels.

  • They don’t appear too obvious

Due to the dome covering, it can be difficult for others to determine the direction and orientation of the camera lenses from afar. This makes it difficult for criminals and vandals to observe the areas being monitored.

  • Varifocal lenses facilitate monitoring wider areas

Varifocal dome cameras provide variable focal lengths, giving users the freedom to adjust their camera lens to the right distance. The dome encasing gives you the ability to monitor at a wider angle because the lens has the ability to move.

  • These cameras allow for night-time as well as day-time monitoring

Domes come with infrared and progressive CMOS sensors. This combination provides exceptional low light camera performance up to 30 m or more for indoor and outdoor use.

So, dome cameras can be used to guard a property at all times- during the day as well as night-time. They are also capable of being used during total darkness. And since they come with built-in infrared LEDs, they can produce images having great clarity even without ambient light. In case someone breaks into a house, a dome CCTV camera will send footage and alerts to the owner of the house. These can be used as evidence against the miscreants.

When it comes to the CCTV surveillance system in Kuwaitdome cameras are quite popular for their high efficiency and unique design.

What’s Driving People To Switch To Dome Cameras

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