A Few Tips On Maximising Your NVR/MDVR’s Storage


Video recorders such as an NVR and DVR are equally important when it comes to surveillance. Without a proper video recorder, it is the same as not having any video surveillance. A recorder is essential in order to store and process the recorded footage. Each NVR/DVR comes with a fixed amount of storage space. The system will stop recording or overwrite old recordings when all the storage has been used up. This could lead to important recordings being lost or deleted. Here you will find some tips to help you increase your NVR/MDVR storage.

Use fewer cameras

Although many people believe that having a greater number of cameras means more angles can be captured, it is not really true. It is important to be mindful that more cameras will also take up more storage. You should only place cameras in absolutely necessary places when planning to install a video surveillance system. Also, tilt the cameras, so you have the best view possible. This will allow you to minimize the number of cameras and maximize their use.

Reduce the image resolution

High-resolution security cameras are the top choice of many people because they provide a high level of detail and clarity. However, higher resolution cameras require increased storage space. To save space on NVR/DVR storage, you might consider using lower resolution cameras. If you want the right resolution cameras according to your needs, then go for CCTVMEA products in Kuwait.

Just record motion

Configuring your surveillance system to only record motion is one of the best methods to maximize the DVR/NVR storage space. Security images are rarely used and played back as the recording isn’t important. Record Motion Only allows you to only capture relevant events, thereby reducing the usage of storage.

Schedule recording time

You can also choose to have your system record only at specific times if you don’t want to rely on motion recording entirely. You can, for instance, set your system to record only during work hours if you need to keep track of employees. This will allow you to record and see what is important for you.

Compress files

Compressing your video files is another way to save storage space. This compresses the size of the original video, consequently reducing the storage space occupied by it.

Turn off audio

Although recording audio via security cameras can be a bonus, it is not necessary. The audio recording will increase the file size of your videos, so you will need more storage space. You can disable this feature if you don’t intend to record the audio in public places, such as parking lots or other places where the audio is not of great importance.

These simple yet effective tips will help you avoid running short of space for your NVR/MDVR. You can get started by contacting any good company offering CCTV installation in Kuwait who will help you install a surveillance system and then adjust the settings according to your preference.

A Few Tips On Maximising Your NVR/MDVR’s Storage

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