CCTV camera in Kuwait

4G CCTV Cameras: Why And Where They Are Useful

The 4G capabilities of surveillance cameras mean they can stream real-time high-definition video quality to any device with a 4G LTE cellular network connection. This allows for several different benefits related to the camera’s ability to work as first responders should a situation arise, that would require the user to send their video footage over […]

Retail Crime Is On the Rise, Here’s How to Stop It

The number of retail stores is increasing every day, which increases the likelihood of shoplifting or other crimes in these stores. In reality, crime can occur anywhere. Another problem with crimes at work is that they are often committed by former or current employees, customers, and other people who are unhappy about your business. As […]

An Overview Of Boosting Security System Range

In today’s world of increasing cases of crimes and burglary, security has become a major subject of concern. Everybody wants to ensure maximum security of their family, business, property, documents, etc. The best way of ensuring the safety of your important assets is to have an eye on the activities that take place near them. […]

A Few Tips On Maximising Your NVR/MDVR’s Storage

Video recorders such as an NVR and DVR are equally important when it comes to surveillance. Without a proper video recorder, it is the same as not having any video surveillance. A recorder is essential in order to store and process the recorded footage. Each NVR/DVR comes with a fixed amount of storage space. The […]

Is It Power-Efficient To Use CCTV Cameras?

It is vital to have adequate security measures in place for your home and business. Many public places, including shops and commercial spaces, are now monitored by CCTV surveillance systems to prevent and detect crime. With CCTV surveillance, you can rest assured about the safety of your residential or commercial property. Being a responsible person, […]