CCTVMEA is committed to providing high-end IP Network Surveillance Services powered by cutting edge AI
Technology with superior image quality, exceptional flexibility, and reliability for video surveillance. Our
vision is what keeps us working towards a better and secure tomorrow. Throughout the history of the
world, the privacy of people has been exploited in number of ways. At CCTVMEA, our mission is to provide
security solutions that fit in some, if not, all these critical situations to deliver a better insight and a wider
sight into the actions of intruders which otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

We specialize in PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom), LPR (License Plate Recognition) and Panoramic Network Cameras to
be installed at places of significance.

A well-qualified and well-trained team of engineers provide wide range of technical support services
available anytime-anywhere-24×7.

CEO’s Note

Security has become more important than ever.

In every workspace, it has become mandatory to always be ready with some additional resources which can respond quick enough to avoid breaches making your business a dependable haven for your employees. Our vast range of Digital Video Camera, designed for discrete installation, fits in seamlessly regardless of the environment. CCTVMEA have gone under a remarkable evolution in the past 7 years as we have joined forces with Milesight, an AI-powered firm, which has provided an entirely new approach to real-time monitoring and response.

What is clearer than before is that now it’s not just about static video recording, it’s about analysing the high-quality footage, detecting the expected objects, and responding accordingly. We pride ourselves in providing world-class surveillance systems and services
throughout middle east and other parts of the world.

To build on this foundation and to help you prepare for tomorrow, today, we are determined to deliver products and offer services which are customizable as per your needs and stands tall in tough times.


Essa Bahman


CCTVMEA by OneSource KW